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SolSquatch 👣

SolSquatch is a digital collectible brand, creating content, merchandise and experiences from the Solana Blockchain.

collection: generative, 1/1
supply: 3333
mint date: fall 2021
mint price: 0.15 SOL
utility: art, community, branding
role: project lead, swiss army squatch

The Reveries 🥀

66 interdimensional reveries whose multilayered conflicts and vibrations shape the worlds around us. Immortalized in The Rift.

collection: 1/1
supply: 66
mint date: auction schedule
mint price: n/a
utility: art, networking
role: artist, creative director

datcats 🐱

5k digital cats, part of Five Dollar NFTs genesis launch drop. An immutable, art only, collection with a collector fueled community.

collection: generative, 1/1
supply: 5000
mint date: 6/16/2023
mint price: $5 USDC
utility: art, collectibles
role: artist, creative director

art degen & creative director.

krtv, aka kreativ31 is a life long multidisciplinary artist and easily distracted creative, with a collector/client base across mediums including: illustration, typography/graffiti, commercial design, photography, cinematography, vinyl figure design, abstract canvas work and more.

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creative direction

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pixel art
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